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Industry Trends
Let "Made in China" hot "light industrial products The Belt and Road" circle of friends

"Chinese watches and equipment have been exported to 64 countries The Belt and Road 'along. The Kenya railway and the Pakistan railway are used in the time service system made in China. " The day before, Chinese Light Industry Federation to study and implement the party's nineteen big spirit training held in Beijing. To participate in a panel discussion, Chinese Watch Association vice chairman Zhang Hongguang said the initiative development achievements China watch industry under the guidance of the "The Belt and Road, excitement and pride.

In fact, not only is the watch industry, in recent years, household appliances, furniture, dairy products, leather, paper, sewing equipment, hardware and other light industries are accelerating The Belt and Road industrial layout, the face of the new market structure, speed up the industrial structure and the adjustment speed of market planning. Not only in the product "go out" and "Introduction", but also vigorously promote the light industry international capacity cooperation, the realization of resources sharing, effective docking.

A set of data China Light Industry Information Center fresh perhaps more convincing, the first three quarters of 2017, China's light industry goods of The Belt and Road along the country's exports amounted to $115 billion 532 million, compared with 2016 growth of 10.18% over the same period, the total export of light industry 26.23%. In the export of "The Belt and Road" in the country, exports of leather and fur products and footwear products, plastic products and household appliances in three industries in light industry before three, were more than $12 billion 800 million. In addition, in the "going out" light industrial products, stationery and sports supplies, lighting, battery and other parts are popular "The Belt and Road countries along with consumers.

Not only is "going out", to benefit from the cross-border electricity supplier to build "Silk Road", a lot of "The Belt and Road along the country's high quality light industrial products that are already in place to come, by China consumers. According to the Jingdong released data show that in the "Introduction" of foreign goods, by making the Egyptian cotton clothing, textile products, Czech crystal made of water, wine, Burma rosewood furniture made of jade, handicraft, Thailand latex pillows, mattresses and other light industrial products, and gradually evolved into the public goods from the new trend Chinese, great to meet the consumer need for a better life.

International cooperation is an important starting point to promote the production of "The Belt and Road" construction in our country, is a globally oriented and more extensive cooperation. In April 17, 2017, the China Light Industry Federation and its influential light industry enterprises and related institutions jointly initiated the establishment of China light industry international capacity cooperation enterprise alliance. As China international light industry production cooperation alliance chairman He Ye, alliance to carry out services and coordination at the national development and Reform Commission guidance and support, to promote the industry enterprises to carry out international cooperation capacity to hold together the sea, LED light industrial production capacity, equipment, technology, standard output, and further standardize the behavior of light industry enterprises in overseas business, promote international cooperation capacity the light field of the healthy and orderly development.

At present, China construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zone, become the outstanding domestic enterprises play the comprehensive advantages, the development of overseas investment to promote domestic and foreign related business, to build and enhance the performance of overseas brands, to promote our products output and an important platform to resource rich countries or areas of industrial transfer, played an important role in the international cooperation capacity in. As early as 2006, Haier group and Kangnai group built 2 of China's first 8 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, and become the typical representatives of light industry enterprises "going global". Haier group in the "The Belt and Road along the country's construction of Pakistan Haier - Yoruba Economic Zone, the planning area of 2.33 square kilometers, the formation of the size of appliances, black and white appliances supply chain and industrial supporting system. Kangnai group in Russia Ussuriysk economic and trade cooperation zone construction, planning area of 2.28 square kilometers, a number of footwear and furniture company Park development. The Zhejiang Qianjiang Investment Management Co., Ltd. has invested and developed the Vietnam Longjiang Industrial Park project, which is one of the 16 foreign trade and economic cooperation zones approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

In recent years, more and more enterprises overseas industrial park construction or industrial base, such as Haier in Russia, Venezuela, New Zealand and other countries to build Haier Industrial Park; Hisense built Appliance Industrial Park in South Africa, produce a series of home appliance products; Yili Group invested in the construction of New Zealand dairy base project and the integration of Oceania, covering a number of areas, packaging the production, processing, scientific research; Xinxiang City, Hong Kong currency leather company and other units in Ethiopia owned construction in non modern animal husbandry circular economy industrial zone, set slaughtering, meat processing, leather products, comprehensive utilization in one. It can be said that the alliance of light industry international capacity cooperation enterprises is expected to become an effective way of making light industry "made in China" bigger and stronger, bringing new and greater opportunities for light industry enterprises to "go global".

Nineteen on the "constitution of the Communist Party of Chinese (Amendment)" the resolution made it clear that it will promote the "The Belt and Road construction content into the constitution. This fully reflects China attaches great importance to the "The Belt and Road" construction, promote "firm determination and confidence in The Belt and Road international cooperation. Can foreknow, "Made in China" light industrial products and equipment will be with the "The Belt and Road" to further promote, usher in a broader space, a high-end international, a new stage of development. Not only for the benefit of China people, also can become "The Belt and Road along the circle of friends in the red net"