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We tell you what is microfiber microfiber leather

Microfiber leather superfine fiber PU synthetic leather, non-woven fabric made of three-dimensional structure of network by combing acupuncture, after wet processing, PU resin impregnation, alkali deweighting, broken skin, sanding, dyeing and finishing, and then through the PU dry veneer eventually made ultra fiber leather. It is the third generation of artificial leather after the PVC artificial leather and the PU synthetic leather. Unlike PVC leather and PU, its base cloth is superfine fiber instead of ordinary knitted fabric or machine woven fabric. Its essence is a non-woven fabric, but fineness is only 1/20 or even finer of ordinary nonwoven fabric.

It is because of the very fabric of superfine fiber fineness, and through PU polyurethane resin impregnation, fully simulate the structure of natural leather, artificial leather and more excellent performance in general do not have a natural fiber, the structure is more close to the dermis. To a certain extent, it has high resistance to scratch, high wear resistance, high tear, high peeling, and no fading, and even surpasses the dermis. At the same time, it also has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and environmental protection, uniform quality, efficient use, suitable for scale production and so on.


Tensile strength (Mpa): after more than 9 to more than 9 weft (GB/T3923.1-1997)
Elongation (%): after more than 25 to more than 25 weft
Tear force (N) by more than 70 to more than 70 weft (GB/T3917.2-1997)
Peel strength (N): GB/T8948-1995 = 60
Cracking load (N = 110)
Surface color fastness (grade): dry friction 3-4 stage wet friction 2-3 (GB/T3920-1997)
Bending fastness: -23 C, no change on the 200 thousand surface
Light fastness (grade): 4 (GB/T8427-1998)