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A picture of how a superfibrous skin is highly imitated by the fibrous structure of the dermis


Fiber is the most basic component in both natural and super fiber leather.

The natural leather is mainly composed of collagen fibers. The collagen fibers show the cross pattern alternately in the light and shade under the electron microscope. Each collagenous fiber bundle is composed of several collagenous fibers with a diameter of about 20~150 microns. Each collagen fiber consists of a fibrous fiber (microfiber) with a diameter of about 2~5 microns. The same collagen fiber bundle and the fork is divided into a plurality of small fiber bundles, and thus other collagen fibers to form new fibers, so there are arranged in a crisscross pattern, constitute a three-dimensional woven structure, which hides and leather with high mechanical strength.

The following figure, on the right, is an oval, about 3.68 * 4.54 microns, of the original fiber of a species of yellow cowhide.


It is mainly composed of chemical fibers. Superfine fiber simulates collagen fiber in composition and structure. Its linear density and distribution are more similar to natural leather. Because of its excellent properties, microfiber leather has similar appearance and inner structure to leather.

Pictured above left is a kind of super fine leather section electron micrographs, single fiber diameter of about 3.4 m (i.e. m micron, 1 mm =1000 micron, 1 micron =1000 nano wire, a single hair is about 0.05-0.08 mm 50-80 micron, visible single superfine fiber is about a single hair silk (averaging 65 micron) about one in 20).

Superfine fiber non-woven fabric made of fiber spinning, winding each other, by wet impregnation of polyurethane resin, polyurethane resin filled with superfine fiber (above 3), between DMF and precipitation formation pore structure (Figure 4); containing superfine fiber soaked by toluene extract or alkali deweighting present (Figure 1), bundle structure a gap is formed between the superfine fiber and polyurethane resin (above 2), clearance holes and provides flexibility and breathability for super fine leather. It needs to be pointed out that many customers believe that the superfine fiber in the picture above is "island", and the sponge like polyurethane is "sea", which is wrong. The real "sea" has been dissolved, leaving only the existence of "island".

It can be seen that this structure is a good simulation of the three-dimensional braiding structure of natural leather.

This is the secret that the leather is comparable to the leather.