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How to distinguish the good and bad superfibrin skin

No matter what brand of super fiber, the domestic production of ultra - fiber leather has reached stability. In addition, as a result of the influence of the animal protection association and the development of technology, the performance and application of the polyurethane Superfiber synthetic leather exceeds the natural leather. In the 06 years of the German World Cup, the ball, and Beckham's football shoes, have been made to the ultra - fiber skin. No kangaroo skin is used. At present, more and more leather products are used in China, such as the use of super fiber leather, such as the seats made of super fiber in advanced cars, sofa used for families, super leather shoes, sports shoes and other leather products.


How to distinguish the good and bad super fiber skin?

1, look at the texture, compare the different kinds of super fiber skin of the same kind of texture, you will find that the texture of high quality superfine fiber is more clear, and the surface layer has a strong sense of dermis.

2, touch the feeling, high quality super fiber leather have good feel, flexibility, resilience, comfort are quite high.

3, look at the crease, the ultra fiber skin fold, crease wrinkle contrast middle thickness, recovery can see creases disappear soon, the crease is smaller, disappear more quickly on behalf of microfiber leather surface and bottom cloth paste PU better, this is an important indicator of quality microfiber leather.

4. Look at the scratch, scrape the surface of the super fiber skin with hard material, see if the scratch will be left, and the surface of the super fiber skin is very good.

5, resistance to hydrolysis, high quality super fiber skin very resistant to hydrolysis, super fiber life of more than 5 years, of course, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but the purchase must be clear.

6, base cloth, base cloth is the key component of the super fiber skin, related to the overall performance of the super fiber skin, good base cloth determines the performance of the super fiber skin more stable.