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The interpretation of the “real fake leather label“金沙城中心娱乐网站

Many "leather" products are marked with the words "top layer leather", "super fiber leather", "PVC skin" and so on. So what do you know about the names of these skins as consumers? Are these really leather?

In fact, "super fiber leather" and "PVC skin" are not leather, but artificial leather. The reason why they add "leather" is that many businesses are designed to match the vanity and prejudice of Chinese people.

The most fundamental is the division of leather leather and leather.

1. Dermis

Dermis is the original ecologic skin that has been stripped from animals, such as cowhide, pigskin, sheep skin, crocodile skin and so on. The skin of the first layer is directly processed from the raw skins of various animals, or the skins of cattle, pigs, horses and other animal skins with thicker cortex are sliced up and down to two layers. The top part of the tightly woven fiber is processed into various kinds of skin. For example, the most common cattle hide in life is divided into the first layer of cowhide, and the two layer of cowhide. The two layer of leather, also known as the patch skin, is made up of second layers of leather or leftover material from animal skin. It is broken by combination with PU resin. The two layer skin is generally weaker than the first layer of cowhide in terms of toughness, hand wear and abrasion resistance. Although it has the quality of dermis, it has no dermis.

2, leather

The leather or artificial leather, artificial leather, such as PU, PVC, ultra fiber, some businesses sometimes write compositions on the label in the name of love when adding "skin" to confuse the public, such as leather, microfiber leather, but they are not genuine leather, microfiber leather and ordinary PU, PVC synthetic leather in different stages of development, different product technology level, microfiber leather and ordinary PU surface is polyurethane resin, ordinary PU with needle weaving, woven or non-woven fabric as base cloth, then coated with polyurethane resin. The super fiber skin is made of high performance polyurethane resin with a three-dimensional structure of ultrafine fiber nonwoven fabric as the base cloth. Microfiber leather in leather sense and practical performance are generally better than other artificial leather.

Overall, the leather products prices higher than the price of leather products, especially in the first layer of skin, it is easy to cause the leather to leather feeling to people, the fact is not the case, in the dermis many times because of the scarce source, as well as the animal skin treatment process cumbersome, and as technology development many excellent properties of artificial leather, leather is not up to, such as ultra fiber leather, because of its strong wear resistance, low loss, not to kill, in Europe and the United States has been highly praised and gradually become the preferred material instead of leather. Consumers always praise highly quality and inexpensive. I believe that with the development of the era, the spring of artificial leather will soon bloom, so that businesses will not have to worry about a "leather" word.