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Hua Hui Company

       Huahui  leather is located in the country's major manufacturing production  center, the country's largest furniture distribution center, Guangdong  Province, the third largest city - Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The  company has been engaged in the development, production and sales of  the company, which is specialized in the production, development and  sales of leather for 30 years and is widely used in office. Furniture,  furniture, car interior, home decoration, luggage production, product  variety and color has reached more than 1,000 species, and can be  customized according to customer requirements, has been the industry  that a good reputation, high quality, High-quality ultra-fiber leather brand.
       Huahui  super fiber to product quality as the foundation, to technological  innovation as the guide, customer satisfaction as their responsibility  to the responsibility of green, and constantly open up new areas of  application of products, the maximum reduction of leather excellent  touch and comfort, and in the back Elasticity, tensile strength, waterproof, mildew, cold, wear and other properties on the continuous break.
       Companies  to take the production, wholesale and retail business, the current  major furniture market in the country have distributors, including "one  thousand", "Ke Yi", "Kyoto", "Hui are" in the local well-known impact Force of the distributor.
       Enterprise  all staff firmly believe that "with innovation, to guide the  production; with knowledge, lead the future", uphold the company's  consistent development style "everything from the market reality, take  the public demand line" and "enjoy innovation, respect for quality"  pragmatic spirit, To create a leather market belonging to Huahui.

Management Idea

Huahui Leather - Leading upholstery leather distributor

Integrity, innovation, mutual benefit and common prosperity, sustainable business! 

Service Commitment金沙值得信任

       To create  brand-name, improve corporate reputation and establish a corporate  image, my company of "all the pursuit of high quality, customer  satisfaction for the purpose" to "the most preferential prices, the most  attentive service, the most reliable product quality" principle to you solemn commitment:
Professional  pre-sale: We have many years of industry sales consultant through a  comprehensive understanding of customer needs, and to help customers  give advice on professional procurement.
Quality  assurance: We have a professional quality inspection personnel to enter  the sales of the ultra-fine leather leather strict quality assurance to  ensure that quality products into the sales channels.
Perfect  after-sales: We sell products quickly and actively respond to customer  quality demands, if there is product quality problems, the  implementation of claims protection.