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Question Answering
Huatai ultra-fiber skin can now be applied to what products?

Huahui super  fiber is currently widely used, mainly used in office furniture, sofa,  leather back bed, home engineering soft equipment, automotive interior  and so on.

What is the advantage of superfiber and dermis?

Today, ultra-filament has  been widely used in various fields of life, but also began to be  gradually accepted by the vast number of consumers. Although  the ultra-fine skin is the best one of artificial leather, then many  people will ask: "super fiber and leather which is good?" Here, we  explain for you the details of ultra-fiber skin:

1. High strength, thin and flexible, soft and smooth, breathable and permeable, and waterproof

2.  Low temperature still has good tensile strength and disturbance  strength, have good resistance to aging and hydrolysis stability

3. Wear-resistant, appearance and performance are better than natural leather, easy to wash decontamination, easy to sew

4. Smooth surface, can be a variety of surface treatment and dyeing, species diversity

How can I get the color card of Huahui Microfiber?

We need your  free color card, you only need your name, contact information, company  name and address, and you need to tell us the quality of the gold card  customer service, we get in touch with you and confirm the address sent, Will be the first time you need the color card by way of delivery to you. Of course, you can also directly to our certified dealer stores directly to obtain the color card you need.

If you want to customize the ultra-fine skin, imitation leather, MOQ is how much?

Under  normal circumstances, the ultra-fine fiber from the MOQ is 300 meters,  the amount of leather from the MOQ is 500 meters, but the individual  varieties from the MOQ will be different, please hand your model to your  docking business staff, or If you can in the field can  also be mail by way of the model mail to us, we will be the first time  to communicate with you customized specific issues. If you  have a low volume, please contact us, our business staff or customer  service will communicate with you and determine whether you can serve.

How long does it take to customize the ultrafilpi, imitation leather?金沙值得信任

Under  normal circumstances, after receiving your model, we will arrange  professional customer service staff to communicate with you, in order to  give you a satisfactory model, we generally need about 10 days time  proofing, after you confirm the model, the production of large goods The time will be determined according to your order quantity.