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Industry Trends
Transformation and upgrading of leather industry to seek a breakthrough金沙澳门官网登录

China Leather Association pointed out that, in addition to industry innovation ability, weak brand, channel control is not strong, in the low-end itself in the global industrial chain, is also facing sluggish growth in market demand, and weaken the advantages of domestic low cost competitive factors driving mode unsustainably, industrial transfer to Southeast Asia and Africa, resources and environment the load close to the upper limit and limit the development of.

It is understood that the synthetic leather industry in China has developed for more than 50 years, and its output has accounted for 80% market share in the world. Behind them, most products are simply duplicated, and the product grades are not improved. The products with high added value still have a large gap. The industry overcapacity is prominent, and the product competition is fierce.

Many leather enterprises give up their products and technological innovation, take the non - standard business route, and begin to rely on high profit platforms such as investment real estate to subsidize the leather industry. The leather industry was once in a vicious competition, and the added value of the product was decreasing, and the domestic and foreign market share was gradually lost. " Insiders pointed out that the whole industry has entered the era of big shuffle. The transformation and upgrading, innovation and upgrading of products and technologies have been the new trend of the development of the whole industry.

Under the background of green development, the environmental policy has always maintained high pressure, and the traditional leather processing industry has become the target of regulation. "The cost of pollution control is rising, and it is no longer feasible to make the development model for the economic benefit at the expense of the environment." People in the industry point out that the high pressure of environmental protection policy can force the industry to seek transformation and achieve sustainable and high quality growth. "Strong leather enterprises, in this period will be a solid promotion of environmental governance issues, waiting for the market to improve."

China Leather Association also emphasizes that China's huge potential market, a complete industrial chain, an efficient industrial cluster, a high-quality industrial team and the world's largest capacity advantages are all the effective basic support for the development of China's leather industry. With the development of intelligent manufacturing, the deepening of supply side structural reform, the gradual optimization of industrial structure and the cultivation of innovative talents will provide a new source of power for the development of leather industry in China.

Backward capacity withdrawal will bring opportunities for alternatives. As the third generation of synthetic leather, the handle and appearance of the super fiber leather are comparable to that of the dermis, and have more excellent physical properties, such as wear resistance, air permeability and so on. More importantly, the pollution produced in its production process is much lower than that of the leather and the traditional synthetic leather.